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LitCon Group provides financial analysis, schedule analysis, forensic accounting, and valuation services to lawyers involved in litigation, arbitration and mediation. Our professionals rely upon years of experience, coupled with a hands-on approach to efficiently deliver independent and accurate conclusions. Our senior consultants are actively involved in creating the analyses and work product that forms the basis of our opinions. This provides our testifiers an unparalleled knowledge of the facts and documents to rely upon for testimony in court.

Throughout the litigation process, LitCon Group professionals are with you every step along the way. We analyze and explain complex financial and business concepts in a manner that everyone can understand. This allows attorneys and management to effectively evaluate the strength of their case and make educated litigation decisions. And when cases go to trial, we have the ability to explain complex issues to judges and juries.

Current Events at LitCon

Current Events at LitCon

Phil Snyder moderated a five person panel for the Association of General Contractors (AGC) of DC's Young Constructor's Forum (YCF) annual Pathways to the Top networking panel on September 23.  Rob Peterson was one of the panelists invited to speak on networking, and developing and maintaining business relationships.  Rob and other construction industry leaders discussed what it took to ascend to the top of their profession.  The YCF is the AGC’s young professionals group for members within their first 10 years in the construction industry.


Upcoming Conferences

Look for Chris Day and other LitCon attendees at The American Bar Association Forum on Construction Law's Fall Meeting in Austin, Texas on October 8-9, 2015.  The program is entitled The Construction ADR Summit and will feature topics on the past, present and future of alternative dispute resolution in construction.